Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Visual Effects Module: Initial Ideas

After being given the brief for our next module, I began by sketching some initial ideas. I picked up my sketchbook before launching into research as I didn't want to define a particular approach immediately. instead I felt I would warm up and simply get the creative juices flowing. Possibly as a result of my approach in the previous model, the first ship sketch came out looking like some synthetic marine mammal-like vessel:

I immediately steered away from repeating my previous approach, although I was interested by the possibility of merging a very organic looking creature with synthetic mechanical elements. I was reminded of the theme of 'Synthesis' communicated in one of the optional 'Mass Effect 3' endings, which is the idea that the final stage of evolution is the fusion of organic and synthetic life. In a sinister approach, this is reflected in the 'Husks.' and enemy which is the result of humans being mutated into synthetic savages in the Mass Effect series:

My idea involved an insect like ship, sending out a swarm of smaller insects to harvest people before wrapping them in a metallic cocoon, slowly morphing the victim into a Husk-like being:

I was immediately enticed with this particular approach. I thought it could offer an interesting spin with the insect swarm extraction and the cringeworthy transformation of the photographer character in the sequence. With this in mind, I drafted a final frame shot ready to present for our initial class critique:

For the final shot, I am contemplating a wide angle dramatic shot of the character suspended within the ships organic/synthetic interior. The style I am trying to put across with this sketch is a mix of electrical wiring and jagged metallic debris, mixed in with slimy eggs and atmospheric gasses filling the virtual set. Perhaps a slow zoom would add to the suspense, as if the spectator is attempting to catch a better glimpse of the tortured character without being detected by the ships inhabitants. The aliens who inhabit the ship will also be incorporated in the shot, likely just assessing the stage of transformation that the character has reached. After deciding on this idea, I produced a moodboard to collect references and establish the desired theme and style of my direction:

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