Monday, 13 January 2014

Synthesis Presentation

One of our critiques came in the form of a group presentation. Our class was devided into two relevant groups, our group involving storytelling and narrative driven projects. The aim was to share our practical work, and discuss synthesis and how our essays informed the responses, and then gain feedback off of each other.

Some interesting ideas were raised by classmates relevant to my studies. One interesting concept raised was the 'Alignment Chart'. A 3x3 grid combining good, neutral and evil with notions of 'lawful' and 'chaotic', to create different character personalities:

Where this is interesting in my study, is that it moves away from stricter notions of good and evil, and introduces these more complex character traits. The discussion was raised that Jack Bauer from tv series 24 could be considered chaotic good, with the fact he goes to extreme violent measures to ensure the safety of many. Other suggestions on what to investigate included revisiting Minority Report, a film that deals with extreme surveillance where crimes are predicted before they happen, the Channel 4 show Misfits, which involves ordinary people with extraordinary powers, and also the show Heroes, which in certain story lines depicts villainous super beings in positions of political power.

A final interesting point that I definitely plan to explore a little more is the environment which my characters exist within. One suggestion was a large corporate towers similar to the Wayne Towers from the movie Batman Begins.

I find this type of crit session helpful, as they encourage us to share our ideas and give feedback on work of others. It's nice to receive suggestions from people who may be potential looking at the same theorists and ideas within their study, who can share knowledge. It also gives a good idea of the stages others are working at, which can help motivate and drive your project forwards.

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