Saturday, 8 February 2014

Life Drawing Sessions

One area I am trying to improve upon is my drawing skills, which has led to me joining the College's Life Drawing Society. Each week a different model is brought in to pose. Sessions often run for around 2 hours, starting with small 2 to 5 minute poses. These are helpful as they loosen up the hand and get the eyes working. Very much like speed painting, theres no time for tedious shading or details, it's all about getting the form down. I often do these quick sketches in my sketchbook. Longer poses allow for different shading techniques, and consideration to line weight and often there are materials like cloth on the surface where the model sits which makes for an interesting study. I complete these longer poses on a larger scale, often working on an easel. Below are some examples of my work:

The sessions (which I am attending regularly on a monday) are helping train my eyes: thinking about form, anatomy, foreshortening etc... I plan to keep attending, and improving my drawing, which ultimately will improve my digital work.

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