Monday, 28 April 2014

Sparth on Spitpaint

Nicolas Bouvier, nickname 'Sparth,' is a French concept artist/ artistic director who has worked on franchises such as 'Asassin's Creed' and 'Halo.' I am a fan of his work, particularly his science fiction environments. There are lots of artists that rely heavily on phototextures to communicate realism and detail. When I see Sparth's work I think 'broad strokes.' Instead of intricate detail, he depicts vast environments using strong bold forms:

There's definitely something stylistically unique with Sparth's work. There is a level of looseness and simplicity, yet overall his environment seem vast and dense. His colours are warm and vibrant, contrary to much of the bleak washed out environments we see for franchises like 'Call of Duty.' I find Sparth's approach uplifting and visually pleasing. I was very excited to find that Sparth also posts in the 'Spitpaint' group:

It's great to see such talented and established artists posting in this open online community.

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