Monday, 29 April 2013

Interim Critique

For our first critique, we were divided into small groups consisting of around five or six people. We then displayed our work on a designated computer and shared our thoughts on each other's approaches and how they relate to both our chosen practices and transmedia. I felt this smaller group format worked quite well, as we were to able to discuss our thoughts more intimately and in depth, as appose to brief five minute presentations at the front of the class.

From the feedback I gained on my work, I now feel I have a strong idea of the steps I need to take to successfully respond to the module  brief. Firstly, I am missing the crucial back story of my character. For my character to be transmedia worthy, he must exist in an exciting world, and have a clear purpose, meaning the audience can potentially relate to the hero and be interested in his journey.

From a more technical view, I need to decide on the two media platforms that I wish to explore. If I am producing a character for games (which for me and my chosen area of practice would make sense) I need to consider character turnarounds. Colour is also an important element, and a memorable colour scheme can almost become a part of a character's trademark. I also need to look at dynamic poses for my character, exploring how he would move through his environment, and hopefully produce some high quality paintings to finalise my explorations. Also, a particular pose can help make a character recognisable in the state of a silhouette. We discussed the importance of a unique recognisable silhouette.

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