Monday, 29 April 2013

Reflecting on my Essay

For my context of practice essay, I looked at the representation of the female gender in contemporary gaming. Through my studies, I gained a more general understanding of exploitation within the media. I saw new media as an arguably low art form driven by profit. This did provide me with a moral dilemma. Should I be pursuing a career that often prays on fetishism to shift sales? A platform that some believe focuses solely on marketing aspects, and not on artistic creative values?

To counter this view, I did learn that modern film and game has arguably played a part in breaking gender convention and empowering the independent female. If this is true, then perhaps gaming could be used as a tool to break other prejudices toward certain races, classes and creeds in the future. Perhaps even virtual worlds like for example those created by 'Bethesda' and 'Bioware' could teach us about politics, tolerance across difference races and making the right choices. In essence, gaming could be said to be character building, simulating real potential situations so that we can in a sense experience them beforehand.

It comes down to a question of values. Does having some knowledge and awareness of the sinister side of advertising and marketing within the industry, mean that I would be void of all artistic integrity by following a career path in concept art for film and games? Would it be acceptable to use the industry as a platform for creativity? Cynicism aside, I am more aware that sex sells. Should I fight this idea as a person who is against exploitation and within advertising, or should I embrace it as an artist and work to master the female form with my concept drawings? These are questions I need to start asking myself as an artist. I need to start to build my values to shape me as an individual within the vast industry of films and games.

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