Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Citing More Academic Texts

After my second Cop3 tutorial, my tutor and I discussed the fact that I had lots of web articles (which are informative and relevant), but it would be beneficial to look at more academic and reliable texts. I have been looking at various online library resources within college to aid me in expanding my sources.

I had a free set up for 'Athens', an ebook database. This is very useful as it allows users to read and even download full ebooks. Unfortunately, the content mainly consists of art theory and tutorial books. I couldn't really find anything relevant to superheroes and their cultural political impact. Despite this, I will keep checking back to see if any relevant ebooks are added.

Perhaps the most useful resource I have used yet is 'JSTOR'. This is an online academic journal database that we fortunately have access to through our college. There are plenty of relevant results when searching the key words 'politics' and 'superheroes'. Another useful feature is that you can save texts onto your account and access them through a list. I have began gathering relevant academic journals to inform my extended essay:

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