Sunday, 20 October 2013

Internships Bad Idea?

I have been following 'Concept Art World' on Facebook lately, and they have been sharing some interesting links. They linked a page where concept artist Marc Taro Holmes responds to an email asking about internships:

The article raises some interesting points about concept art and the industry. Firstly, Holmes talks about productivity. Interestingly, a concept artist is expected to be working at the highest level from the start of their career. Their artwork is crucial throughout production in  driving the visuals. For this reason, employers would expect to see a portfolio that fits seamlessly with the work their current concept artists are producing. The message here is simply work on producing an impressive portfolio!

Holmes also talks about focusing on your goals. Find companies you want to work for, and produce artwork that fits the style of work they are already producing. If your strength is hyper realistic AAA title artwork, don't take up a job with an indie company that produce 2D stylized games. Again, this comes back to not wasting your time.

The key message with Marc Taro Holmes' response is to basically practice, create a industry standard portfolio and start from the very begging with experience. It seems that unlike most other job titles, being a concept artist does not necessarily require you to work your way up from the bottom. If you are producing high quality artwork, you can apply for work as a professional concept artist.

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