Thursday, 26 December 2013

Attending 'Thought Bubble' with Business Cards

Last year I attended the 'Thought Bubble' comic book convention at the Royal Armouries is Leeds. This year instead of simply browsing and buying comics, I wanted to try and network with illustrators and writers. In preparation I printed a batch of business cards. I opted for a simply slick design inspired by the hilarious scene from 'American Psycho', where a group 'Yuppies' exchange very similar-looking yet competitive business card designs. On the back of my card I placed a piece of my concept art titled 'Nazis in the Himalayas', removing a swastika flag to avoid causing any potential offence:

I did manage to distribute a few cards to illustrators and digital artists, prompting them to view my work and leave feedback. I also discovered the work of illustrator Jeff Stokely, who was promoting his latest project 'Six Gun Gorilla'. Jeff has a very stylised approach, showing an incredible understanding of human anatomy, action poses, and line weight. I now have Jeff Stokely on facebook, and hope to share my page with him and share my enthusiasm regarding his own amazing work, as well as possibly receive some critique and feedback on my work.

Jeff Stokely's page:

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