Thursday, 26 December 2013

Establishing an Online Presence.

In this final academic year, I hope to establish myself as a concept artist through developing an online presence. This could also potentially lead to job prospects if I am able to get my work in circulation among potential employers. My first step so far has been to break away from my student email, and set up a professional web address: ''.  Using this email address I have created a professional Facebook page and a 'Deviant art' account:

Deviant art:

I have been thus far regularly updating my art pages in the hopes of getting my work seen. I have had some interest from other users on deviant art, who have asked to feature some work in online galleries. Although this is only a small start, if I keep a healthy flow of work being put out there, hopefully I can build followers and generate interest in my work. So far my most successful piece has been an initial concept for my Extended Practice module, receiving so far 26 favourites from other users, three comments and has been added to 4 galleries. Again, this is no huge feet in comparison to other established artists who use 'DA', but uploading the particular image has generated some interest in my page, and given me an idea of the sort of work people find appealing:

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