Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Games Republic Mascot Competition

A few months back I created a games republic mascot to be used as branding for the event. As the event was being hosted at our college, we were fortunate enough to be given this opportunity to have our work seen by hundreds of industry practitioners. The rules were that we had to stick to the colour pallet provided (blue, black and white), and our character had to have some reference to gaming. I chose to create a mean looking outlaw, holding a console controller like a revolver:

I was quite happy with the composition, the circular backdrop tying the image together create a logo. I was trying to consider the mascot as a small voting slip header or t-shirt design. Perhaps I could have utilised the white more to make the image pop, as it feels quite flat. Also maybe I could have been more expressive with the pose or used a more interesting perspective. This would have certainly made my image more exciting.

Overall, I am happy to have taken part. This graphic design work was a venture away from my usual concept work, and it pushed me to consider branding.

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