Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Indie Game The Movie

Indie Game the movie documents the journey of three different indie game developers. This particular clip shows Edmund McMillan discussing his childhood. McMillan was reclusive, and loved to draw monsters. These two aspects of his childhood are reflected in the indie game 'Aether' which he discusses in the video, symbolic of his feelings of detachment. We see how deep and personal this indie game is to the creator, far apart from large game titles designed by huge teams. The film shows the indie developer as an auteur, with full creative control. Perhaps the speculation as as to whether the auteur still exists within film and game, is challenged with this very personal art form. What makes indie games so interesting is that they are created by tiny teams (sometimes one individual) on low budgets, so they rely on innovation and originality, as appose to extravagant hyperreal graphics. The film follows the drama surrounding the devotion, trials and tribulations that producing a title with such little resources brings, yet also the rewarding outcome. 

however, I feel the question can be raised: 'how long will indie gaming remain a personal and expressive art form?' I am reminded of points raised during our context of practice module, discussing the idea that every subculture begins as a movement, but is eventually branded and exploited to the masses. An example used was punk music, which began as a form of music anyone regardless of having no musical training could pick up a guitar and start a band. Eventually record labels began capitalising on this movement until punk became a novelty, creating profit for the business minded. This new app generation is seeing small indie game developers find success in a very personal creative industry. In the future will larger developers see they money in creating apps? Perhaps as android technology grows more advanced, larger teams will be required to push the boundaries and smaller indie developers will no longer be able to compete. This will be both an interest and scary development.

To finish on a less pessimistic note, Indie Game The Movie was very captivating and moving documentary with some beautiful cinematography.

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