Monday, 8 October 2012

Crash Concept

After meeting with the rest of the team, one of the ideas we all agreed had great potential was some form of airship. I took this idea (Based on some of teammate Dan's concept art) and applied it to the cave location I had worked on previously:

I opted to use a cool green and purple colour scheme as I feel it successfully captures a damp dark cave atmosphere. This time I feel that I executed the colours more successfully, as the image seems to have better depth and the focus seems to be drawn onto the ship. I used a rule of thirds grid to try and balance the composition, and make the sure the focal point (airship) was correct. I also concentrated on perspective as well as shadow and light.

One problem I faced was colour banding when using transparent gradients:

You can see subtle banding here, the gradients showing clear segments almost resembling a poor print. I found that I could tone this down by adding a subtle noise filter along with a gaussian blur. 

My final Issue would be the hours I spent painting the image. I hope that with time I will be able to produce at least two pieces of this level of detail in a day. Perhaps for my next piece I could attempt a rough looser style. If I could still manage to capture my ideas, but spend less time on a single image, my work rate would be much more efficient, as would be expected working at an industry level.

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