Thursday, 11 October 2012


As our first Crit is approaching, our team realised that it was time to narrow down our approach and turn our focus onto a storyboard. I offered to take on this particular task as I was slow contributing my concept art ideas due to spending long amounts of time on single paintings. Before I began, our team contributed plot ideas, which in the end narrowed down our title choice to 'Surviallence'

My step in refining our art direction was to develop a detailed moodboard containing spaceship concepts, surveillance equipment armour and weaponry:

The idea of having a stealthy ninja style character infiltrate a ship was agreed on. This Protagonist could possibly be cunning and sneaky, fitting the Trickster archetype, or possible fit the Martyr archetype, facing possible peril after protesting against the vessel's purpose. Responding to the Protagonist's infiltration, some form of security guard was discussed. This figure will likely fit the Antagonist role, preventing the Protagonist from completing his task. I took this general approach and structured a short narrative. Bellow is the storyboard:

There are still elements of the narrative which need refining. Most importantly, why is the Ninja character infiltrating this particular ship, what is the ships purpose? Also, this initial storyboard is subject to change, however, it will hopefully help us refine our ideas and begin moving in a solid focused direction.

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