Monday, 15 October 2012

'SWOT' Analysis

As this year there will a focus on our future careers once our three year course is complete, I filled in a 'SWOT' analysis sheet to identify my strengths and areas for improvement:

I feel that one of the key strengths that I identified is my ability to be analytical of myself and constantly asses the task in hand. I try to be focused in my work to achieve the best possible results based on my abilities. Hopefully by maintaining this work ethic, I will see a considerable improvement in the quality of my concept work throughout the year.

The main weakness I hope to improve on, is the speed at which I work. This is not the result of procrastination, but of being over clinical and tedious in my methods. I have been meditating this concern, and perhaps working on paper at stages in the process could help speed development along. When I work in photoshop, I become very precise and deliberate. Perhaps scribbles in a sketch pad could later be refined as protfolio-standard digital paintings. Less successful ideas however, can be dropped without going through the long photoshop process before coming to the conclusion.

It seems that with the influx of indie games, there are opportunities for a concept artist everywhere. No longer must I worry about trying to catch a break with the leading game developers in the industry. Now small teams are being formed everywhere to produce creative titles. My one key weakness which I feel must be improved upon, is my workflow. I will continually strive to improve my methods and develop good practice. I feel it is important to reach an understanding of how I work most efficiently. Perhaps a fully digital approach isn't the most effective means for me. I will revisit the sketchpad and see how it impacts the momentum of my work. I could possibly discover that an entirely digital process drawing everything on a graphics tablet does prove to be the most effective in the end. 

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