Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thought Bubble-Leeds

This coming November I plan to attend the 'Thought Bubble' comic book convention with a friend from the course. The two dates are Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th. We have discussed the possibility of going for one day as oppose to the entire weekend, with a single day ticket costing £12.

Although comic book illustration is not immediately relevant to our area of study, I imagine many of the skills could be applied when creating concept art for film and games. Hopefully by attending, my passion for digital art will be elevated further, and I could potentially pick up valuable tips from practitioners.

I have reviewed some of the guests who will be attending and I was fascinated with the work of Simon Davis. It seems form visiting the artist's website, Davis works with traditional media, primarily Oil paints on board. His style however, could possibly be emulated by digital means, using a Wacom tablet:

I was also excited through discovering the work of Paolo Rivera, who also works in traditional medias, this time along with ink and occasionally sculpting:

Artist Ken Walker is actually based in Leeds. It would be interesting to discuss working in my local city, and could prove a valuable contact.

I look forward to the illustration element which 'Thought Bubble' will hopefully have to offer. Also, I plan to network and seek advice from practitioners, further informing and inspiring my own work.

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