Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Final Crit

Although I am slightly behind on some of my process and development blogposts, I wanted to write about the final critique we had recently, to show that I had worked hard leading up to the crit to try and produce a complete film to present to my classmates. I wanted a complete film as oppose to a rough cut, so that I could then take any feedback gained and work on making any required tweaks in the final week. this will hopefully give me chance to really refine my project:

From the feedback, I gathered that one of the key shots I need to focus on is the arrival of the ship. One point raised was that I could perhaps show the ship appearing in to the shot, in doing so lengthening the shot as it seems short and anticlimactic. Also, perhaps some rotation in the ship's animation would add more depth to the shot, instead the ship feels rather flat. To emphasise the large scale of the ship, perhaps I should slow down the animation as a huge object would not likely move so fast and fluidly. Also there is no evidence of the insect swarm which consumes the actor appearing into the sequence. I could possibly have the particle effect emerging in the distance form the ship and flying toward the camera. Regarding the shot where my actor is consumed by the swarm, perhaps the purple mist of insects could linger a short while after the actor disintegrates, as they seem to vanish too instantaneously. Considering the final shot, there were comments that my actors face is hard to distinguish, and to draw the viewer toward the abductee, I could maybe bring up the levels on the face when the cocoon flickers. Also perhaps I could internally animate the cocoon to gently swing within After Effects, using a simple 'puppet' rig.

I also, prepared a simple animated turnaround in Unity using some skills learned in our last module. I felt this was a good way of presenting my alien, which is very dark and distant in the final shot. Although I didn't have time to show the turnaround, I feel it was useful practice considering how my work could be presented to possible clients, employers or members of the public.

I hope to spend time in the next week refining my shots using the feedback gained form our critique session.

Unity Web Player | Turnaround_web

Unity Web Player | Turnaround_web

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