Friday, 8 March 2013

Industrial Light & Magic: The Avengers

I have already looked at the showreel of a single VFX artist. Through my brief 'Hulk' study I found this stunning breakdown of some of the shots within 'The Avengers' movie. How this contrasts with Mark Fry's VFX reel, is that this was produced by an industry leading team of artists. What surprised me the most about the footage, was how little of the large environments was fully computer generated, and the scale of these virtual environments. Everything from the huge skyscrapers in the City sequence to the cars on the road. It is also mind blowing to see green screen footage dropped into to huge set extensions. Everything flows so seamlessly.

'ILM' have also been responding to quesions on the comments feed of the Youtube video. Oscar Rivers Pomas asked the question: 'how many hard drive space needed for these fx?' The answer was: 'About 202Tb at any given time.' Obviously these specs are way beyond anything us students have access to.

It is interesting to compare the work of a professional team to my own work. The scale of the project far exceeds anything I could hope to produce at any level alone. This is something I must keep in mind however when studying cinema quality VFX. There is a collaborative team of experienced artists working on a high budget, making for breathtaking results.

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