Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mark Fry: VFX Reel

I found a show reel by VFX artist Mark Fry

(Unfortunately embedding has been disabled, so here is a link to Mark Fry's Youtube upload: link)

The Video demonstrates a wide array of abilities as well as showcasing the artist's special skills. It seems Fry is very talented when it comes to keying out elements using the rotoscoping technique. This demonstrated quite strongly through the 'Total Recall' rotoshots. Fry also includes 'personal projects.' 'Workbench' shows a successful CG set extension. On top of this the composition shows a strong ability to key out unwanted elements within a piece of footage, by removing the actor's fingers. This is also demonstrated in a later piece of footage where Fry removes some wires from a piece of children's play apparatus. We also see examples of tracking, and clean ups using colour correction tools and alpha masks. There are also some new elements present such as camera projections which I am not yet aware of. Simply the inclusion of 'personal projects' shows a genuine passion for VFX and a will to learn and develop independently. Fry also includes a list of software he uses, which I imagine potential employers will check when considering compatibility with the software their company uses.

Overall I feel this show reel is well balanced, and successfully demonstrates a collection of essential skills when it comes to compositing. I believe this could be the benchmark that potential employers would expect to see at an industry level.

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