Friday, 21 March 2014


It was requested specifically by Tim that with the next few pieces, we experiment using bold black outlines as a stylistic approach. We also got talking about the art deco style we had discussed for the architecture. considering the notion of drastic technological advancements in our world, we thought we could maybe juxtapose a Sci-fi sky line against old 1940s factory buildings and victorian architecture:

We looked at architecture from technologically advanced cities like tokyo, clustered with bright neon lights. We also managed to find modern church architecture, combining ornate decoration with chic clean forms. We also looked at concepts from 'Total Recall (2012)' and 'Minority Report.' We also looked at 1940s Architecture:

Below, in-keeping with the art deco style I included a large arch sheltering a streamline locomotive. To the right, we see a distant industrial factory district bellowing smoke into the air, whereas to the left, we see a clean futuristic cityscape. This offers an interesting contrast between gritty war torn, industrial and technologically advanced landscapes. With the arch being the key subject, I used a vibrant mossy green to contrast against the earthy colours in the foreground. The consistent bold black lines offer an interesting crisp finish to the artwork:

Trying to up the colour further, I created this piece:

This environment also takes the stylistic quality even further, with a wacky skyline and a road into the city that curves dramatically. I wanted to show the canal segment of the story mission leading into the city. One criticism from the group was that the transition was too sudden:

The final piece ultimately felt a little over saturated, sacrificing depth.

We are still trying to tie down the style of the game. I feel we are getting closer, as we have moved from a gritty earthy war torn feel to a now more vibrant and colourful stylised approach.

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