Monday, 24 March 2014

Victorian Architecture

Considering how we could make the architecture look more northern, as if belonging to a city like Leeds or Nottingham, we looked at some victorian architecture:

We are looking at tall pointed roofs, fancy wooded trims and hanging pub signs to communicate a northern county town as appose to a tall art deco city (although art deco elements may still feature in the more central areas of the level). I wanted to create something with the theme of old pubs:

Again this environment features Marauder calling cars like the draped torn flags and emblem graffiti. I am particularly please with the interesting and vibrant colours here, achieved by throwing photos down and mixing the saturated colours to create an almost blown out hyper stylised feel. The oranges really make certain elements pop like the doorways and window decoration. I have also introduced the mossy greens to up the cartoon quality to the image.

I feel that the victorian architecture approach is a good direction to take. The environment here is actually starting to look like a stylised scene from the north of England.

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