Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Realising the Three Factions

At this stage, we had decided on the idea of retro world war era Tank Mechs, so Tim began fleshing out the game bible. We are ultimately hoping at this stage to produce two playable levels: A linear story map with set objectives, and an arena map with an enemy wave system. There are three key factions that exist within our world: 'The Northern Resistance,' the protagonists who don blue and green military attire with flamboyant haircuts, and Mechs decorated with pin ups and spitfire graffiti. We also have the 'Marauders' (possibly only a working title), who are the criminals and bandits of the world, dressing like pirates crossed with heavy metal musicians, favouring black and red clothing. They are also characterised by badly drawn clan emblems and heavily vandalising their surroundings, as well as poorly put together salvaged Mechs. The 'Sons of Iron' (SOI) the most technologically advanced faction, highly conservative flouting religious iconography. They are very overzealous and dictator-like.

We produced three moodboards to nail down the stylistic qualities of these three factios:

The Marauders have a very savage blood-thirsty feel. We also decided to include salvageable scrap which could feature as part of their Mech designs, like the juke box and rusty train carriage.

The Resistance have a much more nostalgic 'Band of Brothers' feel. Also, this is a general point, but we want include other ethnicities in the title, and hopefully break gender convention, featuring strong female character roles. We also want there Mechs to potentially feel more retro 40s/50s.

The SOI have a much more industrial feel, wearing respirators and welding equipment. Their Mechs are also much more wacky and off-the-wall, showcasing their technological superiority and mad-scientist-like dogma.

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