Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Streamline Locomotives

Linking back to the art deco influence in our Northern game world, in a previous environment piece I rendered a chrome Streamlined Locomotive (train). As we are now beginning to think about scenery assets, I wanted to elaborate on the design:

I feel that these art deco inspired trains contain strong industrial yet elegant forms. They are slick and create little air resistance:

I personally like the first design (top left). I firstly like the colours. The cool green with hot orange oranges and reds cutting through, reminiscent of smelting iron and steel in the industrial north. Also I feel it has one the stronger art deco designs, with chic form lines and strong arcs. I dislike the top right design, despite it being the general favourite of the group. I feel it is too clunky and overly complex, loosing its purpose of being fast and streamline. Instead it feels like a generic steam train. I like the glossy rendered material of the bottom left design, but feel the soft blue finish of the final design isn't vibrant enough for the mood we hope to achieve with our world's aesthetics.

I will likely produce a turnaround for one, perhaps even two of these designs for the team to model.

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