Monday, 19 May 2014

Frank Frazetta

I've been trying to draw influence from a wider range of artists as oppose to exclusively reflecting on modern digital artists. I like the painting style of Frank Frazetta, as they have a very tradition oil painted look, yet with often exciting over the top subject matter. One criticism I have however, which seems ever-present in modern entertainment design also, is some of the over-sexualised exploitative subject matter:

The women presented in many of his paintings often seem enslaved by the powerful male figures, often nude in a humiliating objectified manner. I imaging his work would appeal more to a male audience, as they seem aspirational and empowering toward the male gender, yet degrading toward female audiences. 

This got me thinking about me as an aspiring practitioner in the digital arts. Gaming is an enormous industry, so it is understandable that it relies heavily on exploitation and aspiration marketing. This is something I am a little bit disillusioned by: the objectification and exploitation of women in the media. Hopefully the industry will learn from 'The Last of Us' and move away from the delinquent flaunting of the female form.

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