Monday, 19 May 2014

Zeppelin 4 Hire

Tim, Adam and I have begun some preparation for a small indie game company (Rhys is still unsure as to whether he will be able to contribute the time after the course has finished). Tim is eager to get things moving quickly, so has requesting a logo design so that he can build a website.

We had the idea of a man riding a small zeppelin in a rodeo fashion, much like the famous scene from 'Dr. Strangelove:'

When I present a visual idea, I usually like to present two or three similar ideas. The approach here was to try different angles and expressive poses. It's surprisingly challenging to get a nice cartoony exaggerated feel. On further discussion, we thought it would be funny to have a 'Fat Princess' style character riding the zeppelin. 

The design actually looks more like an old lady but still gives a similar comic effect. I have thus far worked with with rough sketches, but am planning on taking the lineart into Illustrator and creating a clean vector for the web. I will probably rework this line drawing, making the character look more like a young overweight princess, and it has been requested by Tim that I lengthen the zeppelin to make it more distinguishable.

We have began some early discussion on our first potential project, but Adam raised the interesting point of scale and scope for our first undertaking. We are going to discuss this tomorrow in the studio.

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