Monday, 19 May 2014

Offering Work

I saw an add from 'Allusondrugs' seeing if any aspiring artists would be interested in contributing some poster art. I'm aware that free work is a sometimes controversial subject in the freelance business, but as I am a genuine fan of Allusondrugs' music I thought it could be a nice opportunity to get my work out there and produce some portfolio material:

I kept my opening message quite informal and chatty, as I felt this appropriate dealing with the band director and not a manager figure. I was complimentary towards their work, showing that I enjoy their material and will show enthusiasm towards any requests. 

It's been a few months since I got the reply now, so I am not sure if I will hear back from the band. On reflection however, the band now are really doing rather well, with a video aired on 'Kerrang' and an article in 'Q Magazine' to name just a couple. If the band had have taken up my offer, I could have ultimately benefitted through fans of the band seeing my work. It goes to show that there are plenty of opportunities to broadcast artwork, and I will continue to offer my services to projects I am genuinely enthused by.

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