Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Saturday Night Vengeance

Yesterday we began discussion on our first project. The working title (one that we are happy with and will most likey stick) is 'Saturday Night Vengeance.' We want to go for a very retro 80s tougue-in-cheek feel. There are few comical themes already emerging:

1. Over-the-top Violence:

One good example of this is indie game 'Broforce' which pokes fun at macho American 80s and 90s movie characters and satirises American patriotism. The player charges into a non-specified Vietnamese looking environment, blows up half the scenery, mercilessly kills the enemies in a firework display of gore, raises American flags, and on leaving hanging from the rope ladder of a helicopter, a banner reads 'Area Liberated.'

The game makes fun of America's superiority complex, by making fun of the oriental enemies 'shoddy third world construction.' I really like this flamboyant satire approach.

2. Obsolete Technology Predictions:

We're thinking old chunky computer monitors, Big analogue buttons and questionable fashion faux pas.

Classic revenge narrative:

Perhaps with a ridiculous motive. Something highly nonchalant and unspectacular, as oppose to the dramatic wedding massacre plot from 'Kill Bill.'

We have also been discussing presenting ourselves as a collaboration between artists, rather than a small indie games companies, for the purpose of networking. This way we can still present ourselves as individual practitioners before making the decision to tie ourselves down to a company as it were.

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